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Follow me on Instagram I post fitness tips ranging from correcting form & fixing muscle imbalances to mental health, diet, positive thinking, personal growth and finding exercises that you enjoy. Mainly I do this in the form of Instagram stories, but occasionally I do regular posts. And don’t forget to follow this blog 🙂

I’ll also be posting fitness articles here on this blog, with the same range of fitness and health information. I may also, in the future, posts articles meant for the eyes of other personal trainers to help improve their training techniques and business. As a part of me misses the days, as a manager, when I would train new trainers. Though, the trainer business posts will likely be posted in a different blog.

If you’re working on sculpting your body— whether toning and defining or increasing your muscle mass —or you want to improve your sports performance, you’ll want to follow this blog and my Instagram account. You can follow my fitness Instagram account at @StrockFitness . I also have a twitter account @StrockFitness .

Adam Strock - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Personal Fitness Trainer Adam Strock, C.E.S.